Arena Theater COVID-19 Policy

Updates on Arena Theater Covid-19 policies, effective immediately

-Seating Capacity: the theater is now fully open (100% seating capacity) for live shows and cinema, you’re free to choose your seat

-Masks are strongly recommended but not required

-Proof of vaccination/neg. Covid test policies vary from program to program, please read:

Cinema: fully open at 100% seating capacity, no proof of vaccination is required for any showing

Live Shows: Fully open at 100% seating capacity, proof of vaccination or neg. test within 72 hours required at the performing artists’ discretion. Any applicable requirements will be specified on the event page for each upcoming program.

Telecasts (Met Opera Live in HD, National Theatre Live, and Exhibition on Screen/Great Art on Screen): proof of vaccination is required, tests are not accepted, and seating capacity remains restricted to 50% until the end of the season in June. This may change if requested by the committee chairs of these programs.

Film Club: fully open at 100% seating capacity, proof of vaccination is required

Arena Theater will continue its thorough, high-touch surface cleaning and use our air filtration system (heaters, air scrubbers)

Please check back for additional regulations and updates.
For more information, please contact the office at 882-3272 or email

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