Arena Theater is a not-for-profit theater, which means we need the support and generosity of funders, organizations and our community to thrive.  Fortunately, there is an easy way for you to help, and that is by donating to the theater, joining our cinema stars, and/or becoming a member supporter of Arena Theater.

Memberships are good for one year and include the following perks: free admission to film club movies, a member’s reward card (a10-movie punch card, you’ll get the 11th movie free) and voting rights in board elections.

If you are purchasing a membership as a gift and require membership cards go to an address different from your own address, please print out a pdf of the form below and bring it to the theater or call the business office at (707) 882-3272 to place your membership order.

Please read this message from our former president, Barbara Pratt, to find out what Arena Theater’s been up to in 2020, a year to remember or forget! A big thank you to  all our members who helped us make it through with generous donations and renewing their memberships!

To simply donate or make an additional donation, scroll to the bottom of this screen.
You do not have to be a member to donate, but you still need to fill in your personal information, i.e., name, address, etc., and then just skip the membership part.
Or you can mail a check to: Arena Theater, PO Box 611, Point Arena, CA 95468. Thank You!


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