Our original “Have-a-seat campaign” to pay off the mortgage is completed, but, since there are still some seats remaining, we’ve decided to refocus the campaign to help pay off our solar loan and to help us minimize our energy costs. Donations for a seat of your choice (see the seat map for available seats) can be made any time and the $1,000 will get you a plaque acknowledging your support, either as an individual or you can get together with friends and family and split the $1,000 among as many people as you’d like. The twenty characters per line for the plaque still applies. Thank you for supporting our solar campaign!

How to Donate:
Click here to Download our Have-a-Seat Donation Form, then fill it out and mail it with your check for $1000.00 to:

Arena Theater
Have-A-Seat Solar Campaign
PO Box 611
Point Arena, CA, 95468

For more information, to donate by phone, or have a form mailed to you, please call the business office at 707 882-3272.

Arena Theater Lobby
Arena Theater Foyer
Arena Theater Stage View
Arena Theater snack bar
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