What’s On
at Arena Theater

halloween at Arena Theater

A beautiful theatre in an unexpected place. First run movies AND lots of live performances as well. Whenever I’m in the area, I always check out their program. 9 times out of 10, it’s worth a detour.
      ~  Dan Russell

Whenever we visit Pt Arena, we look forward to seeing whatever is happening at the theater. One time it was a wonderful doc on modern dance and the dancer was in the audience to answer questions. This time it was a children’s talent show, a memorable wonderful show. One of the best parts was the audience. They were there to enjoy themselves. Don’t miss the theater on your visit. ~ Judith Fox

Awesome movie theater on the coast. They show newer first run movies at an affordable cost. Have great snacks and organic coffee. Seats are comfortable and viewing is great. Make sure you get there a little early to buy your ticket. ~ Sarah Doyle

The Arena Theater is a REAL GEM!!!! I am so GRATEFUL to this great community for making this SPECIAL PLACE available. Everything about it is 5 stars!!! Thank You to everyone who puts it together. ~ Linda Davis

greg brown at Arena Theater
blues on the coast at Arena Theater
Chinese Acrobats at the Arena Theater
Arena Theater Talent Show Performers
Sampson McCormick comic at Arena Theater
live Q&A