Annual Membership Meeting and Board Election 2023

Arena Theater Association
Annual Membership Meeting and Board Election
Wednesday, April 26, 6pm via Zoom

There are 3 Director Seats up for election.
Please vote for no more than 3 candidates.
The 3 candidates who receive the most votes will become Directors.

The 2023 annual meeting will be conducted via Zoom on April 26, 2023. All participating members appearing remotely are considered to be present, in person, at this remotely-held meeting and shall count toward a quorum of 30 members. The Zoom meeting will begin at 6 p.m., and votes will be accepted, via the online form on the theater website, until 7:30 p.m.

In the event a member is unable to attend the annual meeting via Zoom, he or she may vote absentee, either by voting via the online ballot form or by mailing in a printed ballot. Each member submitting an absentee ballot shall also be deemed to be present, in person, at this remotely-held meeting and shall count toward a quorum.


  • Mark your choices on the ballot.
  • Fold the ballot and place in an envelope.
  • Put your name on the outside of the envelope so we can verify your current membership.
  • Mail the envelope to the address below
  • Absentee ballots must be received no later than April 25, 2023 to be counted.

Arena Theater Association
PO Box 611
Point Arena, CA 95468

Office telephone: 882-3272

 Arena Theater Board of Directors
Candidate Statements

Kat Gleason
Greetings. My name is Kat Gleason, and I would like the opportunity for a seat on the board to participate more fully in what I consider to be the heart and soul of our community, The Arena Theater. I have lived in this area since 1991 and have been involved in various capacities of Arena Theater Productions for nearly the same amount of time. My main area of interest and expertise is in live productions. I am on the Programming Committee, have been for several years now, and have produced a multitude of live music shows at Arena Theater. I am very much interested in expanding our theater’s accessibility and importance to our entire community by offering up programs and shows that appeal to all of the facets of our multi-aged, multi-cultural, varied socioeconomic-abled community.
Thank you for your consideration.

Tim McMurtry
I am Tim McMurtry, I’ve been facilities director for six years and am looking for one more stint to complete a few projects. I have completed or assisted in many valuable tasks, and there are many yet to do.

Blake More
I first served as an Arena Theater Board member from 2010 to 2016, and after a bit of a break returned three years ago. I would love to continue my service on current Arena Theater Board of Directors. Currently I am active on the programming and marketing committees, as well as assisting with fundraisers and other needs of the board and staff. I moved to this community in 1997, and my very first event in Point Arena was the theater reopening ceremony. I didn’t know any of those being lauded for their amazing restoration efforts, yet I—like most of the people in the audience—had tears in my eyes throughout the entire ceremony. Never had I seen such love and dedication for a community resource. Immediately I got involved, and that volunteering has never stopped.  Today, I continue to produce live music shows, design posters for the staff, and assist with talent shows, fundraisers and other community theater events. As Dorothy said, there is no place like home, and to me this theater is what makes my coastal home so special. I am honored to put on my glittering dance shoes and contribute to the continued success of our beloved Arena Theater.

Johnny Moore
Since 1975 the Arena Theater has been part of my life. First, as a bouncer and projector operator for Sue and Pete Giannini. I have been a regular volunteer for a decade, and I currently serve as stage manager for musical and performance events. I have managed and been involved professionally in every facet of the entertainment business, including significant events as a producer for ESPN, NBC, and Redbull. I have also been on and around the stage as a musician and performer since the age of two. I look forward to many more years working with the association, staff, volunteers, and the public to make the city’s historical Arena Theater thrive and prosper.

Jess Raphael
Attorney at Law 33 years
Board of Directors -Dreamweavers Theater 1999-2001
Live music, cinema and theater aficionado. Directed, produced, assistant directed, and starred in community a dozen or more theater productions in Napa and Davis. My principal passions are live music and the Mendocino Coast. I am developing my new community in Irish Beach/ Point Arena, and I want to be actively involved in its cultural activities.

Mark Vanderwoude
My name is Mark Vanderwoude, my wife, and I are year-round Anchor Bay residents. I am a retired Corporate President & CEO that has served on two Corporate Boards during my working career. I also served as President of the Rio del Mar Improvement Association in Aptos, CA (unincorporated Santa Cruz County) for 10 years. We are and have been Arena Theater members for 3 years. I am a patron of the Arts, Music, and Film. I feel my life and work experience would be a benefit to the Theater’s working Board. I openly solicit your support and vote to become an Arena Theater Board member.

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